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Uberti 1873 and 1866

Service Descriptions

Premium Action Job

The receiver of the rifle is polished and deburred. All moving parts are polished for a smoother action. Then the springs are feeder and extractor is adjusted accordingly.  

Pioneer Short Stroke

The premium action job is performed. New links are installed and timing is adjusted accordingly. This gives you a shorter lever stroke.

Pioneer Super Short Stroke.

Cut and Weld Short Stroke

 Includes a premium action job. We remove your parts and they are adjusted to give you a shorter lever stroke.

Cowboys and Indian Short Stroke 

A premium action job is done, and Cowboy and Indian short stroke links are installed. The timing adjusting, giving you a shorter lever stroke.

Cowboys and Indian 4th Gen short Stroke

Premium action job performed, then new links and a new lever are installed. timing and feeding are adjusted giving you a much smoother and super short stroke. This is our favorite short stroke we do to the Uberti rifle.

One Piece Firing Pin

A long firing pin is made, it goes through the firing pin extinction and both. Connecting them, making them move as an unified part. Less energy is transferred, allowing you to lighten your main spring and gives you better primer ignition. 

Coil Spring Extractor

Bolt is machined to accept a coil spring under the extractor. Allows better adjustment of extractor tension.

Aluminum Carrier 

An aluminum carrier replaces the brass one. We usually offer them in black. Some people prefer this, because it's lighter.  

Straight Trigger.

Old trigger is removed and the straight trigger is installed correctly.