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The Daisy Dee Special

For anyone who knows Daisy Dee knows that she is a wonderful example of extra! She is one of the friendliest cowgirls out there shooting. Goes out of her way to support all the shooters she can, but she does it with style. It is only appropriate this special be named after such a sweet lady! 

And the best grandma there is!

The Daisy Dee Special includes jeweling and bead blasting on any gun. The price depends on how much of each you wish to include.

Starts at $20.00 per gun

Or $30.00 per pair

For revolvers we offer, brass sights and opened rear sights. The top strap is bead blasted which allows yours eyes for focus on your front sight better. It also includes jeweling and bead blasting, again the price will depend on the amount of each.

Starts at $55.00 per gun

Or $100.00 per pair