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All Prices are per gun.

Shotgun Services

Cut Stock

Stock is cut to your preferred length. Kickeeze is available upon request. Kick-eez price is listed below.


Cut Barrel

Barrels are cut to your preferred length, then drilled and tapped for a new sight, included in the price. 


 Lengthen Forcing Cones

Forcing are lengthened using a reamer, then polished. This reduces the recoil  and gives a higher velocity which improves patterns by making it more dense.


Basic Maintenance

Shotgun is taken apart and all dirt and debris is removed.


Bend Top Lever

The lever on break away shotguns is removed and heated. it is then bent depending either left or right depending on which hand you use to open it.

Recoil Pad

A kick-eez is fitted to the butt stock of the gun.


Brass Front Sight

The size you choose is put on the end of your shotgun.


Bevel and Polish mouth

The mouth of the shotgun is beveled and polished so that shucking out the shells is  easier.