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All Prices are based per gun not pair.

Revolver Services

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is the process of dulling the surface to a matte finish by applying fine glass beads or sand at a high pressure.

Starting at $20.00

Brass Sight

Old sights are removed, brass sights are machined and installed.



Jeweling, what is shown on the hammer and trigger in the picture above, is a finish that can be applied to almost any gun.

Starting at $20.00

Octagon Barrels

Barrels are made from blanks. They are machined into shape, polished and crowned. Forcing cones are polished. Barrel is drilled and taped for ejector rod housing. They are fitted to the cylinders and new brass sights is installed.

Octagon Barrels $700

Barrel Less than 4 5/8 $25.00

Open Rear Sight

The rear sight is machined out using a mill, this helps your eyes focus on the front sight.


Cut Barrel

The barrel is cut to preferred length and crowned. Sights are available upon request.  

Cut Barrel $65

Add Sight $35

Fit Grip Frame

Grip frames are fitted and polished to pistol. Blued guns are sent to a third party to get refinished.

Stainless $100.00

Blued $135.00

Cut Ejector Rod

If your barrel is cut to anything less than 4 5/8 your ejector rod and housing will need to be trimmed and fitted.

Spur Conversion

Spurs are cut off and welded to your hammers, then polished to seamless finish.


Adjust Spur Angle

Spurs are heated and bent to preferred angle. Then polished.


Chamfer Chambers

Chamfer Cylinder Chambers on any revolver