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Purty Stuff

Cosmetic Services we Offer

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is the process of dulling the surface to a matte finish by applying fine glass beads or sand at a high pressure.


Jeweling, what is shown on the hammer, trigger and frame in the picture above, is a finish that can be applied to almost any gun.

Brass Sights

Old sights are removed, brass sights are machined and installed.

The Daisy Dee Special

The Daisy Dee Special includes jeweling and bead blasting on any gun. The price depends on how much jeweling and bead blasting you wish to includes.

Starts at $20.00 per gun

Or $30.00 per pair

For revolvers, brass sights are installed and the rear sights are opened up. Then the top strap is bead blasted, this allows yours eyes for focus on your front sight better. 

Starts at $65.00 per gun

Or $120.00 per pair