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Lever Action Rifles

All Prices are based per gun.

Rifles Services

Cut Stock

Stock is cut to the length you request.


Cut Barrel

Barrel is cut down to the length that you request. A new dove tail is cut for the front sight, the old sight is put back on.


Basic Maintenance

Rifle is taken apart and all dirt and debris is removed. The function and timing is checked.


Lighten Rifle

The unseen parts of the frame and barrel are milled out to lighten the wight and feel of the gun.

Basic Lever Wrap

A basic leather wrap is fitted and sewn onto the lever to protect fingers when shooting.

Brass Front Sight

The brass is removed and replaced with the size you you request.


Marble Sight

The old sight is removed and a new marble sight with stander brass put installed.


The Hairtrigger Special

Hairtrigger special is available for Uberti 1873 and 1866.
The Special includes a premium action job, one piece firing pin and  a Cowboy and Indians 4th Gen short stroke. 

Hairtrigger running his new 1873 4th Gen